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Jan 12

From Sales Push to Demand Pull

Sales take place when a buyer has convinced him or herself of the value of a purchase — and generally not until then. And in a connected, social, and content rich world, much of the buying process takes place before the prospect has even engaged with us.  It’s now generally accepted that in B2B, more …

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Mar 27

Oh no, not the wall of words — anything but that


Remember when you were 6 years old and just starting to read chapter books?  If you were anything like me, you preferred books  that had a nice mix of words and pictures.  It’s not that I was lazy, I was just  overwhelmed by a mega-sized serving of words without visual interruption.    I had to …

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Mar 04

A New Model for Marketing

I’m convinced that many of us are working with a busted model.   Marketing has changed radically over the last ten years as has our customers’ buying process.   But many of us haven’t changed how we think about our function. I was fortunate enough to work with Marketing Profs to publish my thoughts on what …

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