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Mar 04

A New Model for Marketing

I’m convinced that many of us are working with a busted model.   Marketing has changed radically over the last ten years as has our customers’ buying process.   But many of us haven’t changed how we think about our function. I was fortunate enough to work with Marketing Profs to publish my thoughts on what …

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Feb 27

The Innovation We Need


I’m in tech.  In tech, we market innovation.  We let you do something you couldn’t do before.   We have a better way, a faster way, a cheaper way.  We are, therefore we innovate. But here’s a secret, I’m sick of innovation.  Now before you start labeling me some sort of Luddite,  let me explain — …

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Jan 15

Learning from our B2C Cousins


Marketing has changed tremendously in the past 10 years (social, online, blogs, analytics).  Well covered territory.  In all the hubbub, it’s easy to miss the fact the the software market itself is growing up. Our market is becoming more consumer-like.  We should too. I was flattered when MENG (the Marketing Executives Networking Group — an …

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Dec 13

Why Marketers Should Love Open Source

Why would I suggest that marketers should love something which is generally free, widely available, and highly disruptive? It’s simple.  Open source simplifies commercialization.   Here’s why: 1.  Open Source Validates a Need   — Open source answers the ginormous  question that keeps us marketers up at night:  who cares?   As in — it seems like …

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Oct 24

Enterprise Sales is Dead. Long Live Enterprise Sales.

time versus dollars

The demise of the traditional enterprise software sales model is widely reported. And widely, and joyously, celebrated.   And for good reason.  The model has bugs.  Lots of them.  It’s expensive (personnel, travel).  It’s time consuming.  Picking good reps is hard; many fail.  Finding good sales engineers is incredibly hard — often even good reps …

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May 28

The Hole or the Drill (aka: Yet another thing b2b marketers can learn from their b2c cousins)


I bought a Kindle.   I know, I know –  welcome to modernity, Charles. Like any good tech-geek-wannabe,  I ignored the ‘quick-start guide (both the paper and the electronic versions) and dove right in   I found the store, downloaded a couple books, and started reading.    It was all super-intuitive and I loved it right away. …

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Jan 26

Frictionless Selling and the Ridiculous Popcorn Store

We talk a lot about reducing friction at Sonatype , where I work.  Frictionless selling.  Removing friction from the marketing funnel.  Removing friction in the product experience.  You get the idea.   Friction = Bad.   Really, all we’re trying to do is minimize time and effort for a prospect to go from “I have a need” …

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