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Dec 02

Going Blue to Support Sales

Me, pictured with our SVP of Sales and our CFO celebrating a November sales milestone.

Some days you work on strategy.  Other days it’s all about tactics and execution.  And some days, it’s just about supporting your Sales team.  

Oct 24

Enterprise Sales is Dead. Long Live Enterprise Sales.

time versus dollars

The demise of the traditional enterprise software sales model is widely reported. And widely, and joyously, celebrated.   And for good reason.  The model has bugs.  Lots of them.  It’s expensive (personnel, travel).  It’s time consuming.  Picking good reps is hard; many fail.  Finding good sales engineers is incredibly hard — often even good reps …

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Dec 18

A Marketing Guy’s Thoughts on What I’ve Learned About Working With Sales

Note:  This is an update of a post I wrote in 2008 for the Technology Marketing Alliance blog. Why do software companies have marketing departments? When I meet prospective employees, I like to ask some variant of this question. The answer is usually pretty telling about the candidate. While I’ve heard some, er, interesting responses, …

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