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Dec 13

Why Marketers Should Love Open Source

Why would I suggest that marketers should love something which is generally free, widely available, and highly disruptive? It’s simple.  Open source simplifies commercialization.   Here’s why: 1.  Open Source Validates a Need   — Open source answers the ginormous  question that keeps us marketers up at night:  who cares?   As in — it seems like …

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Nov 20

Getting Wonky. About economics, waste, and software products.

Call me a geek, but I dig economics.   Always have.  In particular, microeconomics and its intersection with buyer behavior,  incentives, and choice. To get (more than a little) wonky, I always thought ‘dead weight loss’  — the notional loss of value based on inefficient delivery of goods or services — was pretty interesting.   OK, …

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Nov 08

The Age of ME (It’s About the Users, Dummy)


I’ve been wrestling with this post for a few weeks now.   What I want to talk about is user-centricity.  But that sounds like  pop-business BS or some MBA-ish clinical term. The kernel of my thought is we need to make all of our marketing efforts more about the human beings who will use our products …

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Feb 22

Product What?

Last summer I talked to a lot of tech industry CEOs.  After seven years at the same company, I was looking for a new challenge and set about surveying the landscape.  I met with top executives at large companies and small, public and private, hardware, and software, serving a a wide variety of market segments. …

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