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Dec 10

Story Sells. An Email Experiment.

Screen Shot 2011-12-10 at 7.11.00 AM

We recently tested  two emails to recruit for a survey we’re doing.  Which one do you think performed better?  Email A: Generic Offer Email B: ‘Story’ Based Offer In email A, we used a generic offer (Fill out this survey for a chance to win a Macbook Air).  In email B, we added some back-story …

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Jan 07

Of Doggie DNA and B2B Pipeline Analysis

abbie jumps

This is our family dog, Abbie. We adopted her last June from the animal shelter in Arlington, VA (a fantastic organization for anyone interested in dog adoption).   From all appearances she’s a black lab.  She sure acts like a lab — friendly, loves to fetch, great with kids.   Sure, she’s a bit small for a …

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Dec 11

Conversion Funnels: A Simplified Approach

Getting the most from web marketing initiatives has been the hot topic for some time.  It’s a confusing topic for two reasons:  1) It isn’t  simple.  2)  Vendors, contractors, and consultants have a vested interest in making it sound more complex than it actually is. I’ve spoken with a number of tech firms recently who …

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Sep 25

Why I Hate Tradeshows

I just returned from the better part of a week in San Francisco at Java One.   It was a good week in many ways; I met many of the Sonatype team for the first time, connected some voices and emails with faces, spoke to many potential customers, got great product feedback, and caught up with …

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