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Mar 04

A New Model for Marketing

I’m convinced that many of us are working with a busted model.   Marketing has changed radically over the last ten years as has our customers’ buying process.   But many of us haven’t changed how we think about our function. I was fortunate enough to work with Marketing Profs to publish my thoughts on what …

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Feb 19

All Marketing is An Interruption — Thinking Outside In


Some co-workers recently gave me a copy of  Mike Tennant’s The Age of Persuasion — a great book about how we ended up in such a message saturated, marketing-is-everywhere world.  Great book, loaded with fascinating anecdotes from the history of marketing. One point from the book stuck with me.  He says, “all advertising is an …

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Dec 04

Thinking Different. In Support of the Countertactic.

A colleague recently told me that she does her grocery shopping  on Friday nights. Why?  Because the supermarket is empty and she can shop quickly and hassle-free.  Makes sense, right? Sure.  But what does this have to do with marketing?  Turns out, quite a bit. The marketing discipline has undergone radical change over the past …

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Oct 30

The 95 and the 5

Anyone who has worked with me for more than 10 minutes knows that one of my favorite topics is what I call the 95 and the 5.   It’s pretty simple really — most marketer’s efforts are spent on the planning and execution of our marketing programs.  All too often, we consume ourselves with important details, …

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Mar 21

Why I love tradeshows (not really)

OK, ‘love’ is more than a bit strong.  But in an earlier post I said I hate tradeshows – so I figured why not be similarly hyperbolic?   This week Sonatype is a Gold Sponsor at EclipseCon, a tradeshow for developers using the Eclipse integrated development environment. We’re spending a non-trivial amount of time and …

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Jan 28

How NOT To Email a Human Being (if you expect a response)

I just received this email.  Names have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent.  The amazing thing is that I get this sort of thing all the time.  Can anyone tell me what these people do?  Better yet, can anyone tell me why I care? XXX is a unified and integrated technology company providing …

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Jan 07

Of Doggie DNA and B2B Pipeline Analysis

abbie jumps

This is our family dog, Abbie. We adopted her last June from the animal shelter in Arlington, VA (a fantastic organization for anyone interested in dog adoption).   From all appearances she’s a black lab.  She sure acts like a lab — friendly, loves to fetch, great with kids.   Sure, she’s a bit small for a …

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Dec 11

Conversion Funnels: A Simplified Approach

Getting the most from web marketing initiatives has been the hot topic for some time.  It’s a confusing topic for two reasons:  1) It isn’t  simple.  2)  Vendors, contractors, and consultants have a vested interest in making it sound more complex than it actually is. I’ve spoken with a number of tech firms recently who …

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Sep 25

Why I Hate Tradeshows

I just returned from the better part of a week in San Francisco at Java One.   It was a good week in many ways; I met many of the Sonatype team for the first time, connected some voices and emails with faces, spoke to many potential customers, got great product feedback, and caught up with …

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