Feb 04

Learning OTJ — What Most Marketers Studied (an unscientific study)

Marketing is learned mostly on the job — at least for tech marketing execs (CMOs, VPs, Directors).   A simple survey shows that most of us didn’t study much marketing in school.

Here’s what my completely unscientific study uncovered:

1) Literally no one studied marketing as an undergrad.  Zero. Zippy.  None.

What did top marketers study in college?

 2) Almost 3/4 went to grad school.

Did top marketers go to grad school?

3) But most of those who went to grad school didn’t study marketing there either.

What top marketers studied in grad school


I’m not totally sure what to make of this –  but the facts are the facts: to get to the top spot in a tech firm, you certainly don’t need to have formal marketing education.

For the record, my undergraduate degree is in economics (minor in psych).   In business school my concentration was finance.  Go figure.





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