Jan 15

Learning from our B2C Cousins

Marketing has changed tremendously in the past 10 years (social, online, blogs, analytics).  Well covered territory.  In all the hubbub, it’s easy to miss the fact the the software market itself is growing up.

Our market is becoming more consumer-like.  We should too.

I was flattered when MENG (the Marketing Executives Networking Group — an outstanding organization which I highly recommend) asked me to guest blog.  I wrote about what B2B tech marketers can learn from those who’ve already seen their markets mature — our cousins in B2c.

I won’t rerun the full article, because you can read it all here (along with a ton of other really good MENG blogs).  But here’s my top  5 list of things we can learn from b2c:

  • Brand is Critical –  A strong brand greases the skids for product marketing.
  • Quantitative Analysis — Consumer marketers are experts here. We should be too.
  • Segmentation –  We talk about it. But we don’t really do it.
  • Elegance and Ease of Use — Have you tried to set  up a software product recently?  ‘Nuff said.
  • Speaking Clearly — Lose the buzzwords.  Speak plainly.

I delve into each of these topics a bit deeper in the article.  Check it out — am I nuts?  Or is this how we should be thinking?