Dec 10

Story Sells. An Email Experiment.

We recently tested  two emails to recruit for a survey we’re doing.  Which one do you think performed better?

 Email A: Generic Offer

Email B: ‘Story’ Based Offer

In email A, we used a generic offer (Fill out this survey for a chance to win a Macbook Air).  In email B, we added some back-story (you could win Jason’s Macbook Air).  Jason is a well known guy in our industry, and a somewhat polarizing figure.

So what happened?

Email B crushed email A — over 3:1.  Although the open rate was about the same, the click-through rate on email B was 1.27% versus .37%.

Story sells.  And with this simple A/B test behind us, we’re continuing the ‘take Jason’s laptop’ story throughout the rest of our recruitment.

And as of right now, we have nearly 1,100 survey responses with a full month left until we close it down.  I’m betting we hit our goal of 2,012.



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